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Principle Designer


Mr. Vipul C. Patel commenced his practice in the field of architecture in 1994. He is the proud founder of Vipul Patel Architects (VPA). His love for teaching and spreading the knowledge gave him honour of becoming a jury member at A+D CERA International awards in 2014, in the category of residential projects

In my architectural practice since 1989, I have gone through several ups and downs, small ones and big ones… growing with every challenge …adapting to prevailing conditions to tide me through the worst crisis. This journey has taught me through wonderful experience to introspect about the intricate idiom with ease.
In my quest for excellence, I have poured into my work passion, commitment, wholehearted enthusiasm, hope and my energy and I hope to maintain such a level of integrity and commitment in all my work as long as I live.
Hiren Patel architects started out as a small firm that has grown exponentially by accepting every challenge that came its way. Our initial success came from designing high rises in Ahmedabad, our base. Thereafter, we have not looked back by aiming ever higher.
Today our pallet of work covers everything from a small residence to heritage buildings and palaces to huge entertainment complexes, from an individual shop to large commercial megaliths. But the driving force behind the success has always been the openness to continuous learning, the sheer joy and pride in our work, and embracing change as the only constant in life.

Over the years we have devolved a pool of talent that has great expertise in the myriad that compliment our services.
From planners, engineers, interior designers, landscape designers to graphic artists and computer professionals… we have specialists in every field.
Therefor you may bank on us to provide not only technically sound advice but good advice… scintillating cutting edge advice in engineering, trendy, modernistic designs in architecture; wonderfully plush interior; beautiful and stunning landscapes…
Problem solving, innovation in materials as well as design and adequate attention to value for money; these are integral to our design process. We work from the bottom up… putting viable and economical basics in place, clothing in its esthetically closing facades and thereafter adorning it with and individuality that is unique through interior design.
So when you see a Hiren Patel creation, rest assured that is impressive demeanor and fabulous good looks rest on the rock solid foundation of economy and function.

A journey of more than a decade has given me an insight into social and professional dynamics. Working on projects with man, material and nature, I have learnt that there is an inbuilt harmony within these three elements.
It has been my constant effort to make optimum use of these components and archive growth, excellence and perfection while contributing to the society, conserving nature and respecting tradition.
Success to me does not only mean volume of work, but also the quality and imprint it leaves behind. For us the achievement is in appreciation and recognition we gain for our projects. We constantly strive to change with time and incorporate new ideas for enriching our service for you.